Let's create something.

Content can be created from an idea, utilizing creative re-packaging of pre-existing messaging, or re-purposed directly from your sources and distributed using's powerful media brand and distribution channels. 

More engaging than traditional ads, content gives you the opportunity to connect with an audience in a more personal way, delivering better prospects to your customer funnel. Content is also shared, commented on and lasts forever, producing exponential reach and engagement through SEO, extending the value of your investment.


1. Published article on with sponsorship logo placement

2. Homepage Placement

3. Facebook Posts

4. Twitter Posts

5. Sponsored Content Widget Placement


Generate more awareness, increase ticket sales and drive attendance to your events and shows. With packages available to fit any size budget, we can help drive awareness and conversions.


Event campaigns can target specific audiences via social, email, search and other distribution channels. Segmented targeting by geography, gender, income, lifestyle interests and other parameters can be incorporated into your event campaign to maximize ROI.

PhillyVoice works with brands to create original video content designed for broad or specific audiences. Videos can be placed within articles on, posted separately to social media through the PhillyVoice brand and/or your own and delivered wherever you need to reach the right audience with a powerful message.

1. Consumer video consumption continues to grow.

   - 1/3 of online activity is spent watching videos.

   - 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with friends.

   - Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.

2. Video content produced by PhillyVoice can be used in your own emails, blogs, internal social posts, websites, YouTube channels, and throughout our connected TV partners, delivering more usage and ROI.

Video can be created using high resolution photographs that allow you to tell your story in a new way. Custom designs, graphics and on-location video can be developed with our solutions team. Video can be incorporated into articles, social media posts, search campaigns, display and anywhere videos are viewed utilizing the PhillyVoice brand and your own.



Leverage the power of big data and PhillyVoice’s media brand to reach your audience with a powerful email message.

With more than 2.5M email address targets to choose from, PhillyVoice creates customized email campaigns that target audiences based on their geographic, demographic and psychographic profile.

Audience Example:

Size: 100,000 Targets

Geography: Philadelphia DMA

Gender: Male + Female

HH Income: $100K+

Interests: Golf Enthusiasts

Week 1: Email #1

Week 2: Social + Native (3 impressions each)

Week 3: Email #2

Week 4: Email Engagers receive in-home solicitation

Delivery Example:





Delivery mediums can include any of the above methods. Each campaign is different and no two are alike. 

Minimum audience targeting size: 30,000. 

Contact us today to see how we can help with your email + multi-channel campaigns.

  • Get access to our more than 2.5M targets with optional device and Postal ID targeting.
  • See how PhillyVoice can help manage your email campaigns to improve performance, provide analytics support and deliver better results.
  • Deliver campaigns from or your own brand to acquire more customers and sales.

Today's consumer engages with brands across many channels on multiple devices on a daily basis. Requiring more than one touchpoint prior to purchase, it's essential to optimize your campaign across all channels. By amplifying your message on all of your customer's favorite platforms, your campaign is 37% more likely to increase lift and engagement than with email alone.

Multi-Channel Campaigns



Serve display on, through one of our premium network partners or with placement on any local site to reach the right audience. 

Available Units:



1. Overlay

2. Adhesion

3. In-Article Top

4. In-Article Bottom

5. Footer


1. Overlay

2. Half Page (ATF)

3. Wallpaper (Left/Right Sides)

4. In-Article

5. Leaderboard

6. Medium Rectangle (BTF)

Keyword Targeting


Sponsor entire sections or simply choose specific keywords that align with the interests of your audience. Your brand appears on all devices in the active window, delivering high-frequency on unique users with every page.


PhillyVoice's Solutions Team can help drive and support your marketing needs by operating in the very space we also compete in. 

Strategic Consulting

Email Capture and Deployment

Analytics Support and Reporting

Landing Page Creation

Creative Services

Content Development

Social Media Management

Media Buying and Placement

Video Production

B2B Sales Support



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